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Aromatic Scrub with Spices

Cinq Mondes-Rituels de Soin - Corps


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Sea salt and spices body scrub

A sense stimulating scrub for purified and hydrated skin, just like new!

Adapted from an ancient ritual from the island of Java, gommage aromatique aux épices is an exceptional scrub enriched with the toning effects of spices. Its blend of sea salt and almond powder has an exfoliating action which purifies the skin, whilst vanilla oil and Carnauba wax soften the skin.

Thanks to the essential oils of Cinnamon and Nutmeg, this unique product helps you to deeply unwind and reenergise.
Skin regains its radiance.
Perfect for preparing skin for tanning.

Ritual of Java, Indonesia.
Made in France

Directions for use

Add a little water to a handful of Aromatic Scrub with Spices® to make a smooth paste.
Apply to wet skin and scrub the whole body in gentle circles.
Insist on rough areas such as the knees and then rinse with clear water.
Skin Care Tip: after this scrub, don’t forget to moisturize your skin with the universal ayurvedic dry body oil to reveal silky-soft skin.

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