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Complete 3-in-1 Firming Body Balm

Dr. Pierre Ricaud-Corps


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Complete 3-in-1 Firming Body Balm

Designed to firm, smooth and moisturise the skin in one single step, this balm combines powerful active ingredients:
Lox-Lastine effectively combats the skin’s loss of firmness and elasticity (in vivo test)
Silicium is an essential ingredient in the make-up of the skin’s elastic fibres, restructuring tissue and stimulating the production of collagen (in vitro test)

Proven triple action effectiveness:
- firms* and smooths** in 14 days - intensely moisturises from 1st application

Its original whipped-cream-like texture helps to resculpt the skin
Tested under dermatological control
_*scientifically tested on 23 volunteers
**scientifically tested on 22 volunteers_

Made in France

Directions for use
  1. Model with the flat of the hand by making large circular movements in a clockwise direction.
  2. Perform smoothing movements from the bottom up with the flat of your hand.
  3. Then tone your skin with small pinches with your fingertips.

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