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Active Regenerating Night Cream

Dr. Pierre Ricaud-Renaissance de Nuit


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Chrono-repair system

The strength of active regeneration
The rejuvenating active regeneration at night brings back your skin.
Its formula is equipped with the chrono-repair system, which repairs and regenerates your skin at night*, acting on chrono-biological mechanisms.
When you wake up, your skin regains its comfort, it is velvety.
In a few weeks, she is smoother and refreshed.

Night Renaissance also combines expertise and sensoriality, with a silky comfort texture and a light fragrance, conducive to a restorative parenthesis.
*In vitro tests

The scientific expertise Dr. Pierre Ricaud
Chromo-repair system: reactivates the youthful mechanisms of the skin in 2 & nbsp; time, by settling on nocturnal cell cycles: time 1, it stimulates repair, time 2, it restarts regeneration.*
*In vitro test

Glycalox our exclusive active acts against glycation and oxidation, the first causes of skin aging.

At night: sleep, regenerate
Why is this treatment for you?
Because you’re looking for a night care that works on your skin as it releases the tension accumulated during the day.
Because you are looking for a treatment that acts on skin cell regeneration.
Because its texture is suitable for all skin types.

Care tested under dermatological control.

Paraben free

Made in France

Directions for use

Use in the evening on the entire face and neck on perfectly cleansed skin.

Do not use on irritated skin.
Stop the use in case of reaction.

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