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Cas de force majeure ! Bonbon (Case of Absolute Necessity! Sweet)


Indicative price€39.90
Price per 100mL / 100g€15.96
PAO12 Monbottle.
Expiration dateonnone.
Batch numberonbottle.
HapsatouSy network, Internet.

250 mL (8.79 US fl.oz.) plastic pump bottle


** Manufacturer’s presentation **

Nutritional oil
Body, hair and nails
All skin types and hair

Who am I?
You will become completely addicted!
In cases of force majeure, that is to say all the time :-) I’m the one you need! I hydrate, nourish, protect and restructure your skin, hair and nails.

My actions are numerous:
Nourishing, moisturizing, soothing.
I relax and improve the texture of the skin, so stretch marks get out of the way.
But that’s not all! I soften and moisturize very dry skin, peeling and attacked while being a good after-sun care.

And for your hair?
I strengthen them, brings them shine, softness and beauty.
You can even use me for your massages and in addition I feel so good!
My smell is soft and light like a tender caress. A clever blend of vanilla, caramel, etc… for the delight side. Mandarin, blackcurrant, rose and jasmine, for tenderness.

My recipe?
I am mainly composed of the richest oil in the world, the Inca oil which contains the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9). I also contain olive oil, vitamin E and ginseng extract.
I do no harm, only good!

So, your best friend? From now on, it’s me!

Made in Brazil

Directions for use

How to use me?
On the skin and on the hair, you can use and abuse me.
I quickly penetrate deeply and do not leave a greasy film.

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  • FACIAL CARE : Serums : Oily skins
    • classification with price9/10
    • classification without price9/10
    • price rate(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)( )( )
  • FACIAL CARE : Serums : Mature skins
    • classification with price56/59
    • classification without price59/59
    • price rate(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)( )( )
  • HAIR : Hair care : Oils
    • classification with price45/48
    • classification without price47/48
    • price rate(*)(*)(*)(*)( )
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)( )( )
  • BODY : Moisturizers : Oils, Sprays
    • classification with price62/62
    • classification without price61/62
    • price rate(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)( )( )
  • BODY : Anti-stretchmarks care
    • classification with price34/34
    • classification without price33/34
    • price rate(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)( )( )
  • BODY : Pleasure and beauty care
    • classification with price8/10
    • classification without price10/10
    • price rate(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)( )( )
  • FEET AND HANDS : Hands : Nails care : Nourishing care
    • classification with price6/7
    • classification without price6/7
    • price rate(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)
    • average in category(*)(*)(*)( )( )
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