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Eryteal Ointment



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Eryteal ointment
Repairs, purifies and soothes diaper irritations

Klorane Calendula is protective, soothing and repairing, and naturally beneficial for you baby’s skin. Each flower is hand-picked from our own crops, guaranteeing Klorane baby products with constantly high quality.
Paraben-free, hypoallergenic*.
40 years of safety.

Infants / babies
Treats and repairs diaper rash and irritations

Thanks to the optimum combination of the Cica-Zinc Complex (Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sulfate and Essential Fatty Acids) with Klorane’s protective Calendula extract, Eryteal ointment has effective 3-in-1 action on your baby’s irritated bottom:
1/ Rapidly repairs the weakened epidermis
2/ Purifies and reduces bacterial proliferation
3/ Soothes and calms irritations

Easy-to-spread texture, pleasant scent
*formulated and tested to minimize the risks of allergic reaction.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply a thick layer on baby’s dry, clean bottom and in the skin folds at each diaper change.
Do not try to wipe residue off baby’s bottom if some remains after bathing; it will disappear with the next bath.

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