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Detoxifying Coal Mask

Lytess-Soin Visage


Manufacturer’s presentation

Face treatment
Perfecting complexion care
Oceanic acid
Precious resin of Chios Island
Vitamin B6
Ideal for oily and combination skin
15-20 minutes

Discover the new beauty secret of Lytess, the purifying charcoal fabric mask.
Innovative by its black support bamboo charcoal fiber with high absorbency, it is enriched with a cosmetic serum that removes impurities and toxins to matify the skin.
Specially developed for combination or oily skin, the mask is effective from the first application, it purifies, unifies the complexion and restores radiance and beauty to your skin.

Innovation support + cosmetic innovation
• Specific form 1 for an immediate tightening effect (notches ears).
Detoxifying action: oleanic acid
• Bamboo charcoal fiber with detoxifying power and antibacterial.
Purifying action: precious resin of Chios.
• Strong absorption capacity to retain impurities.
Sebo-regulatory actions: vitamin B6


Made in France

Directions for use

Apply on clean, dry skin.
Open the aluminum bag.
Unfold the fabric mask (folded in 3).
Place the mask avoiding the eye area and attach it to the ears using the upper notches.
Then take the lower part and place the notches on the ears again.
Leave on for about 20 minutes and remove the mask.
Then gently massage the excess sebum.
Do not rinse.
Avoid the eye area.
A tingling sensation can occur during the first minutes of the mask.
This sensation is normal because the mask acts in depth.
Not recommended for sensitive skin.

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