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Cream For Desperate Nails

Miss Ferling-Mains


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Cream for desperate nails
After treatment, wearing fake nails or overuse of polish, nails appreciate this beneficial cream. It revitalizes them with a proven active ingredient that increases their content is silicon - a major contributor to their hardiness and supleness - with fortifying panthenol, and with nourishing avocado oil and mango butter. At an optimal dosage (15%), glycerin is beneficial to cuticles.

Made in France

Directions for use

For optimal results, the cream should be applied several days in a row, 2 to 3 times daily, and always on the feet or hand bare nails, once all polish has been removed.

At night:
1/ Before going to sleep, deposit a drop of the cream on each nail
2/ Massage thoroughly, going way beyond the nail and paying particular attention to the cuticles. Hands should be washed in the morning.

During the day:
1/ To avoid the inconvenience of finger tips covered with rich cream, wash your hands, then deposit a drop of cream on the nails of one hand
2/ Next, massage each nail with the corresponding nail of the other hand. In this manner, the finger tips stay clean and oil-free!

You can buy a small makeup brush to massage the cream without getting your fingers dirty. Make sure you wash the brush carefully and dry it thoroughly before each new application.


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Soon online

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