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Shampoo Anti Hair-Loss - Deer Moss

Natura Siberica-Mousse des Rennes


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Wild and pure
Reindeer Moss
Made with certified organic ingredients
Made with wild harvested tuvan herbs
Based on deer moss and Siberian dwarf pine
Formula 95,7 % natural origin
Natura Siberica

On the borders of China and Mongolia, the Tuva region is an enchantment of nature.
The desert borders the tundra, salt water lakes rich in beneficial goats abound and mountain springs are sacred to the shamans every spring.
The Tuva flora, with its extraordinary therapeutic virtues, is a gift for beauty and health.

Anti-fall shampoo with reindeer hair mousse…
All hair types.
This shampoo purifies and strengthens the hair, gives it body and helps prevent hair loss.
The foam of the reindeer, rich in usnic acid, contributes to the good balance of the scalp and gives it softness.
Siberian pine is ideal for nourishing the bulb and stimulating the growth of healthy, shiny hair.

Made in EU

Directions for use

Apply shampoo to wet hair, lather, rinse.

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