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Body Gel and Hair Perfume Mint

Pure Olive-Gel Corps et Cheveux

HYGIENE : Shower and bath : Shower : Shampooings-douches

Manufacturer’s Presentation

Look at my composition!
Mint perfume

What is Pure Olive?
• High quality components carefully selected
• A reduced list of ingredients
• An incomparable experience from the first use.
However, do not believe us on word!
Check yourself and decode our formula.

And in English, what does it mean?
Water, coconut foaming agent, 3 vegetable foaming agents, glycerine, salt, citric acid,foaming agent conditioner of olive and oats, olive oil, 2 preservatives, coconut fatty acid, potash, perfume.

Body and hair gel peach and apricot fragrance

Made in France

Directions for use

Avoid contact with eyes.
In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with clear water.
Like you, we are opposed to animal testing.

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  • HYGIENE : Shower and bath : Shower : Hair and body wash
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