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Qiriness - Caress Supreme Sunshine

SUNSCREENS : Sun creams and lotions : Body
Indicative price : 28.90 €
Price per 100mL / 100g : 14.45 €
PAO : 12 M on tube cardboard box
Expiration date : on none
Batch number : on tube , cardboard box
Perfumeries , Internet

200 mL (6.7 US fl.oz.) Plastic tube (flip-top cap) + cardboard box


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Very high protection
Patent pending QD-3 Sun complex

The QD-3 sun comple (patent pending)
Defense: Butterfly bush extract, combined with a system of broad-spectrum sunscreens, provides global photoprotection (anti-UVA - UVB - Infra-Red & Blue Light) to help protect skin from photoaging.
Detox: Cresson sprout extract, a powerful anti-oxidant, contributes to the activation of cellular detoxification mechanisms.
Divine: Whu-Zu-Yu extract helps stimulate microcirculation and refine skin texture for radiant and even skin.

This onctuous and melting sun lotion offers active protection to your skin while sublimating it.
At the heart of its formula, the QD-3 SUN® (patent pending) acts on 3 axes: global photoprotection, detoxification and skin perfection.
Enriched with melanin activator, soothing and draining active ingredients, this sun care stimulates natural tanning for a more intense, even and luminous tan, with long-lasting results.
Fast absorption • No self-tanning
Sand & water resistant

Proven efficacy
• Skin feels more resistant
• Preserves the beauty of the skin
• Tan looks more intense
Self-assessment test on 21 women (18 to 65 years old)

Made in France

Recommendations for use

Apply generously on body before sun exposure.
Reapply frequently, particularly after swimming, perspiring or drying your body with a towel.
Avoid excessive sun exposure, particularly during peak hours of the day.
Do not expose babies and children to direct sunlight.