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Qiriness - Wrap

MEN : Facial care : Masks
Indicative price : 3.90 €
Price per 100mL / 100g : 13.00 €
PAO : / on none
Expiration date : on none
Batch number : on sachet
Perfumeries , Internet

Fabric mask 30 g + plastic bag


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Moisture Purity Mask

This microfibre mask is imbibed with a potent plant-based hydrating, purifying and soothing serum. Its excellent adhesion to the face effectively delivers ingredients to the heart of your skin.
Hydrated, the clarified skin feels soothed and free from impurities. Pores appear minimized and the refined complexion has a mat finish. The touch is soft and supple, the face is fresh and comfortable.
For all skins

Key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, witch hazel, collagen, volcanic ash, common purslane, anise, vitamine E, CoQ10.

Made in Korea

Recommendations for use

Position mask on cleansed and dry face.
Leave on 10-20 minutes.
Remove mask then massage remaining serum into the skin. No need to rinse.