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Regenerative Marine Intelligence - Essence

Thalgo-Prodige des Océans


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Essence - Regenerative Marine Intelligence

Inspired by the extraordinary regenerating powers of the oceans, Thalgo reveals a concentrate with 61 essential nutrients, at the heart of Prodige des Océans Essence. This regenerating serum deeply reinvigorates and revitalises cellular metabolism. The skin, brightened from within, regains its original vitality and radiance. Supple and soft to the touch, your complexion’s is perfectly even and the skin’s texture is refined.

Made in France

Directions for use

Recommended for morning and evening use, before your daily moisturiser.

Application tips from Thalgo’s professional experts

Intense infusion:
Prepare the skin to receive the active ingredients by eliminating toxins:
1 - Take one drop of Prodige des Océans Essence and warm gently between the hands. Place hands on each side of the nose and make three pressures from the centre of the face towards the edge.
2 - Smooth the forehead with one hand and with the other, smooth the neck down from the jawline to the decolleté. Finish by gently pressing between the eyebrows and on the sternum and breathe deeply. Repeat three times.

Initial revitalisation:
Treat the zones markes by the signs of ageing:
1 - Smooth the eye contour from the inner corner towards the temples. Press lightly on the temples three times. Repeat three times.
2 - With closed hands, smooth the lower half of the face, from the lips towards the ears.

Concluding movements:
Perfect cutaneous diffusion and cell revitalisation:
With open hands, smooth from the forehead to the hairline using the fingertips. Repeat the movement, this time from the temples towards the hairline. Repeat three times.

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