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1st Mineral Cream



Manufacturer’s Presentation

1st Mineral Cream*
SPF 50+ - UVB + UVA
Very high protection
Very high tolerance
Water resistant
Fragile skin
Face, body
Fragrance-free - Hypoallergenic

Uriage, the French Alps Thermal Water
Flowing from the source in the heart of the French Alps, Uriage Thermal Water is exceptionally rich in trace elements and minerals. Thanks to its natural isotonicity, it acts in osmosis with the skin and reinforces the cutaneous barrier. Used in treatments at the Uriage Thermal Center, it is incorporated into our skincare products to hydrate, soothe and protect all skin types, even the most sensitive.
This cream provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays.
*indirect sun exposure

Mineral filters - no chemical filters

Made in France

Directions for use

Do not expose babies directly to sun: They must stay in the shade, well protected with sunglasses, clothing and a hat
Before going out, apply a generous amount to fully cover the skin, for example a teaspoonful for the face and neck
Repeat frequently, especially after perspiring, swimming or towel drying
Even well-protected, keep sun exposure to a minimum
Overexposure to the sun, even indirect sun, is dangerous to health

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