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Monday, October 4, 2010Around babies

Organic cosmetics for babies: a good idea?

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For him, only the best is acceptable. For more and more mothers, using organic products seems to be the best way. Nevertheless, does an organic product give all the guarantees that a cosmetic shall deliver? Is it, always, the best for him?

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In France, the discussion about what is called the “pink briefcases”, given by many maternity wards, that a group of scientists has called “a toxic cocktail” in September 2008, aroused emotions and reactions, including from the sanitary authorities.
Even if it is no longer a headline now, it allowed for the fingering out the dangers that some cosmetic products may have for young children, and the importance of choosing the right cosmetics for one’s baby. However, no clear and easy-to-apply solution has been given. Some milestones may be enough to do it well …

Products designed for him only

A baby’s skin is specific; his body does not respond as an adult’s when in contact with some ingredients used in cosmetics; his needs are different … and and his cosmetics shall meet peculiar requirements.

Be mild with his skin

A baby’s skin is an organ not yet completed, not yet mature and more delicate than an adult’s is. A general guess is that ten years are necessary for a child to get a complete cutaneous defence system. Prior to that, especially during their very first years, their skins dry quickly and react more strongly to all the irritating substances. It …

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