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The right baby care program

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Good cosmetics, spotless formulae, suitable for Baby’s needs … The equipment (a small bathtub, a changing table or as our South African readers say, a changing station, cotton wool, nappies/diapers … etc!) are absolute requirements … There is only one thing left to do: use all this equipment the right way, with the right frequency and using the right movements, for a better comfort and well-being of your baby. You are not sure: what to do? Underneath, please, find the "instructions for use"!

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When reading our website, and especially this section dealing with infants and babies, one may think that the experts of the CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques advise against using cosmetic products for babies! " Do We Wash Our Babies Too Much? " is the question in a post, or " How many cosmetics for our babies? " is another article … in which the first words are "Few are the best"!

Do not think we like dirty babies who smell bad! Nevertheless, it is necessary to counterbalance the ads of the cosmetic industry, which has as its main target: sell more and more products! Indeed, a baby, and more explicitly, his skin, may not like a profusion of cares and a daily plethora of diverse and varied ingredients …
However, he needs cosmetics, for sure! Further, on every day! The right ones , agreed; and if used the right way, it is better. Well, let us come back to Baby.


Every single day.
As for the time, you are in the best position to choose the right time, which may be different day after day. The most opportune moment depends on Baby’s sleep time, on his hunger, but also on your …

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