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Friday, April 29, 2011Around babies

The seven first steps needed to choose accurately a cosmetic product for Baby

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For our babies, we want only the best. Further, as never before, we are ready to compromise with the principle of precaution. One is sure to do his best: nevertheless, choosing a suitable cosmetic product is not that easy. What are the data available to help us decide of its suitability, of its interest, of its safety? An ad flyer (inevitably positive: its duty is to make the consumer buy it more than to give pieces of information!), a list of ingredients … to a large extent beyond understanding, more or less informed opinions by other users … This is quite few to get the clear and believable data that would help in choosing the most suitable product.

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A pharmacist or an M.D. may give an advice. It is also helpful to learn how to read labels and to avoid traps they may have. It is useful to understand the list of ingredients … and then knowing full well how to choose. CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques gives you the list of the seven first steps that make it easier to choose.

I - Reason against an impulse buy

It smells strawberry scent (or an odour that reminds you of your childhood), right. Its iridescent colour would be very nice on your baby’s skin. The teddy on the label is so cute … why not buy it as a poster? This is the kind of information … that say nothing about the product, even less about its quality and harmlessness. An impulse buy may be acceptable for your make-up (or for after-shave balm!) However, never do that to choose a cosmetic product for your child. Reason –and the formula of the product– shall prevail always. Don't worry, this does not always collide with the pleasure to use it …

II – Stop the preconceived ideas

Sold in chemist’s shops. Therefore, it is safe! It is organic . Therefore, it is …

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