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Monday, February 26, 2024Authorities

The SFD's Psyderm Group warns of the effects of cosmetics on the brain

Le Groupe Psyderm de la SFD alerte sur les effets des cosmétiques sur le cerveau

At a time when we are seeing more and more active ingredients and cosmetic products focusing on holistic beauty, well-being and even mood, with objectivised effects, the Psychodermatology Group (Psyderm) of the French Society of Dermatology (SFD) published a press release on 16 February 2024 warning of “the cerebral effects of cosmetics”. It went so far as to call for them to be banned.

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Psyderm is sending out a warning to the authorities, consumers and professionals. The press release denounces a “worrying trend”.

In its text, Psyderm acknowledges that “the interactions between the skin and the nervous system are very close and that the properties of the skin can be modified by the nervous system”, and that “the use of cosmetics can potentially improve the quality of life of users to a certain extent, particularly in the case of skin diseases.”

But what the Psychodermatology Group is denouncing is that the application of cosmetic products to the skin can have direct effects on the nervous system and the brain, and therefore on the psyche or mood.
“It is very important to remember that cosmetics can only have an effect on the skin, the appendages or the mucous membranes, according to international rules. A cosmetic cannot therefore have a specific direct effect on the brain and therefore on the psyche. If this were the case, the product would have to be withdrawn from the market immediately, especially as there is a risk of inducing dependency. Otherwise, it should be considered as misleading advertising, and such advertising should be prohibited,” concludes the press release.

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