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CNC: 15 recommendations for digital apps

CNC : 15 recommandations aux applis numériques

On 23 January 2024, the French Conseil National de la Consommation (CNC - National Consumer Council) published the Opinion of its working group dedicated to “Digital applications on the quality of food and cosmetic products”. None of the applications are named, but the ones targeted are well known. The result: six major areas of concern and 15 recommendations…

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The working group was chaired by Pierre Chambu, Head of the Consumer Protection and Market Regulation Department at the DGCCRF, and included food specialists and some well-known names from the French cosmetics sector, such as Catherine Argoyti, from the DGCCRF, and Xavier Guéant, from the FEBEA.

“Consumers are expressing new expectations in terms of the transparency of information on food and cosmetic products. Some of them also want to have very quickly precise information on products according to different criteria, including health as a priority, in order to guide their purchases,” explains the preamble to the working group’s text.
“In this context, digital applications relating to the quality of these products have recently been developed. Their role is likely to increase with the digitalisation of the economy and changes in consumer behaviour. Since, directly or indirectly, these new practices can guide or contribute to guiding consumers in their choices, it was appropriate to reflect on their overall operation in order to ensure that they provide all the transparency and reliability required for fair consumer information.”

As a result of this work, the recommendations made to the applications are based on six main themes:
• Transparency (particularly with regard to the …

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