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Marketplaces: 16% unsafe cosmetics

Marketplaces : 16 % de cosmétiques dangereux

According to a survey carried out by the DGCCRF in 2022 on 11 generalist marketplaces popular with French internet users, worrying levels of non-compliance (products with anomalies, dangerous products) were found. In the cosmetics category alone, 16% were found to be non-compliant and dangerous due to the presence of prohibited substances in their composition.

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“Many buyers trust the ads on marketplaces but are unaware of the limited responsibility of these sites with regard to the products presented, which are sometimes offered by professionals established in non-European countries,” the DGCCRF says. “Consumers only find out about the problem when the product fails or there is a problem with the seller.”

In 2022, the DGCCRF inspected 11 generalist marketplaces popular with French internet users, to assess the safety and compliance levels of several categories of products sold by professionals: toys, glues and paint strippers, plant protection products, kitchen utensils, tooth whitening and lightening products, sex toys, etc.

“The results of the investigation revealed particularly high levels of non-compliance,” the DGCCRF comments.
Of the 155 products tested, 56% were found to be non-compliant, including 30% that were dangerous. Worrying levels were observed for most of the product categories targeted, particularly for cosmetics: 16% were judged to be dangerous due to prohibited substances in their composition.

“The situation varies from one platform to another: product non-compliance rates can vary greatly from one platform to another. On one of the targeted marketplaces, no non-compliant or dangerous products were found, while on another, almost 9 out of 10 products analysed …

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