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ANSM: First meeting of the Cosmetics Interface Committee

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The first meeting of this new commitee, established after the overhaul of the French Afssaps to the ANSM, was held on 31 May. Its report has just been released on the agency’s website. Around the table, twelve members of the ANSM, and twelve from the industry (FEBEA and Cosmed). On the agenda, the setting-up of four working groups.

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When overhauled, on 1 May 2012, the French National Agency of Safety of Medicine and health products has seen its functioning completely modified.
As a consequence: the Cosmetology Commission, an area for exchanges between the control authorities and the industry, has been suppressed, as “now, the representatives of the health products industries are no longer in the Board of Directors, neither in any expertise consultancy authority.”

The “Interface Committee ANSM/professional organizations, representative of the cosmetics industries” is there to maintain the link between the different stakeholders; this is an interface “which fits the new transparency rules of the ANSM.”

The Committee functioning

The composition of the interface committee is of equal representation of the ANSM and of the cosmetic products industries. Thus, apart for the Agency representatives, there are six members from Cosmed (Jean-Marc Giroux - Cosmed, Bénédicte Le Bris – L'Occitane, Haritiana Deverly – Groupe Batteur, Delphine Masson – Dipta, Sylvain-Romain Cotte – SRC Consulting and François Bourrust – Solutech) and six members from the FEBEA (Anne Laissus-Leclerc – LVMH, José Ginestar – Sisley, Martine Cottin – L'Oréal, Erica Mennesson – Nuxe, Anne Dux – FEBEA and Isabelle Orquevaux-Hary – FEBEA).

Representatives from the Agency Board of Directors as …

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