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Reminder: entry into force of restrictive measures for o-Phenylphenol and its salts

Rappel : entrée en application des mesures restrictives pour l'o-Phenylphenol et ses sels

This June 17, 2019, is the first step in the implementation of Regulation 2018/1847, which provides for a reduction in the concentration of o-Phenylphenol and a ban on its salts in cosmetics. The measure has now entered into force for products placed on the European market (new products). It will be applicable to all products on 17 September.

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Following an SCCS’ Opinion of 25 June 2015, revised on 15 December 2015 to which an addendum has been added on 21-22 February 2018, the European Commission published the Regulation 2018/1847 to amend Annex V (preservatives) to Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.

In view of the potential risk to human health arising from the use of those substances, the use of o-Phenylphenol as a preservative is now only allowed with a maximum concentration of 0.15% in leave-on and 0.2% in rinse-off cosmetic products. Its use must be complemented by a warning indicating that contact with the eyes should be avoided.
Furthermore, the use of Sodium o-Phenylphenate, Potassium o-Phenylphenate and MEA o-Phenylphenate as preservatives is forbidden.

The industry was given a period of 6 months to bring the products concerned into compliance, which has now expired. As a result, from this 17 June 2019, not a single new leave-on cosmetic product containing more than 0.2% of o-Phenylphenol and not a single new rinse-off cosmetic product containing more than 0.15% of o-Phenylphenol may be placed on the market. Not a single new cosmetic product may contain one of the salts Sodium o-Phenylphenate, Potassium o-Phenylphenate and MEA o-Phenylphenate.
The industry has until September …

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