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From clean beauty to safe beauty

De la clean beauty à la safe beauty

Due to environmental issues, consumers have been sensitive for several years now to the composition of the cosmetics they use. But in the aftermath of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, they expect even more. They don’t only want to buy products that respect nature, but also cosmetics that protect them from external dangers and even from bacteria and other viruses. During WeCosmoprof, Jenni Middleton, Beauty Director of the trend consultancy WGSN, presented aspects of this new trend.

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What kind of world is it after Covid-19? While it is still far too early to answer this question, we are beginning to have some food for thought, including the emergence of a sense of fear felt by a number of people about their health.
"In the top five consumer concerns, physical and mental well-being are at the top of the list, says Jenni Middleton.

Transparency doesn’t hurt anybody!

It’s been some time since the cosmetics industry changed its discourse and says more about its manufacturing processes. However, for Jenni Middleton, professionals must go further.
“Buyers are going to ask to verify claims are really proven. That’s why we can expect brand spokespeople to become scientific experts and no longer influential people and celebrities.”

Sourcing is also a fundamental issue.
Today, it is not uncommon to see beauty actors reveal more about their supply chain, as consumers are sensitive to this kind of information.

The rise of biotechnology

“Natural assets are certainly on the rise, but the impact on the environment is not negligible,” says Jenni Middleton. “Bioengineered ingredients will make it possible to produce natural raw materials in the laboratory without taking land away from those who really need …

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