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Is your website compliant with regulations? (2/2)

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Terms of use, information on cookies, and personal data collection concern all websites, whether institutional or e-commerce websites. But in addition to these, specific provisions also apply to online stores. Last October 21, 2016, at the morning on connected beauty organized by the FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies), Emmanuelle Gourbin, Director of the Federation’s Legal & Social Department, made a complete update on this issue.

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Before, during, and after selling: the information to be provided to consumers is very accurate. It is derived from the part of the Loi Hamon dedicated to distance selling. N.B.: these provisions only apply to sales to consumers (BtoC).

Before selling

Professionals must communicate the following information to consumers, so that they can easily read and understand it, ‘by any means adapted to the distance communication technique used’:
• Main characteristics of the goods or service
• Price of the goods or service
• Payment, delivery, or execution procedures
• Delivery charges and time professionals undertake to deliver the goods (if no accurate information is given, the delivery time is set at 30 days after the buying act, after which consumers may cancel their orders if they have not been delivered)
• Existence or absence of a right of withdrawal (14 days for online sales)
• Duration and validity of the offering
• Identity of the professional, his postal, phone, and electronic contact details, as well as the nature of his business
• Costs of using the distance communication technique, codes of conduct, securities and guarantees, termination procedures, …

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