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Online shopping behaviour of the French


The FIA-NET Seal of Trust publishes the 1st edition of an annual barometer on"French people and online shopping". Developed from more than 3.4 million questionnaires over a two-year period, it offers a unique panorama of French e-commerce and presents unpublished data, broken down by business sector (including beauty), on purchasing behaviour, delivery performance, consumer satisfaction, etc. Presentation.

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1st observation: French e-buyers are more and more loyal

Consumer buying behaviour has changed in recent years. Previously, they multiplied the buying experiences on several sites. From now on, they remain loyal to the e-merchants who have given them satisfaction in the past. "The results of this study confirm the trends we have seen emerging since 2011," explains Élodie Delliste, FIA-NET Seal of Trust Activity Manager. "For the moment, the only periods during which consumers still depart from this rule are sales and Christmas.

2nd finding: nearly 10% of e-buyers are dissatisfied with their purchases

90.2% were satisfied with the products they ordered and received. The predominant sector of activity is Babies & Children. It is the most efficient of all in terms of satisfaction, when ordering, and conformity of products received. It is also 3rd for punctuality of deliveries.

3rd finding: delivery performance can still be improved

In 2013, only 85.7% of orders were delivered within the deadlines announced by e-merchants. The Food & Gastronomy sector is the most punctual of all sectors (94.4%) and
only 0.9% of orders received were damaged and 1.5% did not meet their expectations.

Finding 4: Price remains the main purchasing criterion …

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