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SCCS: Opinion on Ethoxydiglycol

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It has been adopted during the 18th plenary meeting, on 26 February, 2013, and is open for comments until April 5, 2013. The SCCS has just released a new opinions Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether or Ethoxydiglycol (DEGEE).

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Warning: Opinion updated on June 18, 2013
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Based on the information submitted, SCCS is of the opinion that:
 1. The use of DEGEE at a maximum concentration of 2.6% in cosmetic products taking into account the other uses previously assessed (10% in rinse-off products, 7.0% in oxidative and 5% in non-oxidative hair dye formulation) does not pose a risk to the health of the consumer.
 2. The use of DEGEE in the following spray products, fine fragrances, hair sprays, and antiperspirants and deodorants in a concentration up to 2.6% does not pose a risk to the health of the consumer.
 3. The use of DEGEE in products for oral hygiene and the eyes has not been evaluated.
The level of ethylene glycol in DEGEE used should be less than 0.1% (grades conforming to this specification are commercially available).
Aggregate exposure to diethyleneglycol monoethyl ether (DEGEE) from non-cosmetic sources has not been considered.

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