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"1 substance, 1 assessment" information session: the Q&A (2/2)

Session d’information "1 substance, 1 évaluation" : les Q/R (2/2)

After each of the presentations made by the European Commission services at the “1 substance, 1 assessment” (1S1A) information session, the speakers answered questions from the audience. Here is the second part of their answers.

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Q/A following the intervention the proposal for a standalone ECHA founding Regulation

It is not clear how ECHA will be funded in the future. Can you elaborate on your idea?

ECHA is currently funded by a contribution from the EU and by fees and charges paid by companies. The idea is to keep the system as it is, but we need to assess what are the sources of ECHA’s income from fees. This also depends on the ongoing work on the revision of the REACH Regulation, because the bulk of the fees come from REACH. They represent almost 70% of the budget.
During the call for input on the reallocation of tasks, we received several comments from stakeholders that it was important to see how best to structure ECHA’s committees, as it is expected to be given many tasks.

Are there any plans to review the structure of the committees or the scope of their functions?

At the moment, we need to clarify the legal obligations of Member States with regard to the committees. In fact, the Member States appoint the experts to the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), and the proposal will be an opportunity to clarify their obligations. …

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