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Tuesday, March 27, 2018European Commission

CoRAP 2018-2020: 108 substances to be evaluated

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ECHA has adopted the updated Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) for 2018-2020 with 108 substances to be evaluated, some of which are used in cosmetics. The Member States have 12 months to evaluate the 21 substances specified for 2018. The aim is to clarify whether these substances pose a risk to people or the environment.

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The substances are selected for substance evaluation to clarify the concerns related to their exposure and suspected serious hazard properties (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT), carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) or endocrine disruptors in combination with wide dispersive consumer use). In addition, other concerns on the substances may be identified during evaluation.

In comparison to the previous plan for 2017-2019, two substances were withdrawn at the request of the evaluating Member States.

The evaluation of 25 substances planned for 2018 has been postponed. This is mainly to await the results of compliance checks performed first to produce missing standard information or to await results of substance evaluation of similar substances.

The ‘cosmetic’ substances to be evaluated in 2018*

• CAS: 13463-67-7 – INCI: Titanium Dioxide – Concern: carcinogenic, suspected reprotoxic, other hazard – Evaluating Member State: France
• CAS: 96-49-1 – INCI: Ethylene Carbonate – Concern: suspected reprotoxic, other hazard, wide dispersive use, consumer use, exposure of workers, high (aggregated) tonnage – Evaluating Member State: Latvia
• CAS: 108-45-2 – INCI: m-Phenylenediamine – Concern: suspected reprotoxic, sensitizer, exposure of workers, high (aggregated) tonnage – Evaluating Member State: Latvia
• CAS: 98-29-3, INCI: 4-tert-Butylpyrocatechol – Concern: suspected mutagenic, sensitizer, potential endocrine …

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