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Thursday, October 25, 2018European Commission

CoRAP: ECHA's proposal for 2019-2021

Proposition de l'ECHA pour le CoRAP 2019-2021

ECHA has published its amended proposal for chemical substances evaluation planning under CoRAP for the years 2019-2021. On the agenda: 100 substances to be evaluated, including 31 in 2019, 4 in 2020 and 25 in 2021. 11 substances were removed from the list established for CoRAP 2018-2020, their evaluation was finally seen as low priority or unnecessary.

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Alongside the publication of this proposal for CoRAP 2019-2020, ECHA issued a press release intended for stakeholders, including registrants and downstream users.
ECHA is asking people who have registered a listed substance to start coordinating their actions and contact the evaluating Member State authority.
Downstream users
ECHA advises downstream users of a listed substance to review the information they have available and share it with the registrants.
” it is important that the use and exposure scenarios as well as the exposure estimations are up to date and clearly documented within the registrants’ chemical safety reports”, the European Chemicals Agency says. “For the 28 substances planned to be evaluated in 2019, the relevant dossier updates should be made before March 2019”. The final updated CoRAP 2019-2021 will be adopted in March 2019.

Substances used in cosmetics to be evaluated

Compared to the CoRAP adopted for 2018-2020, four substances used in cosmetics have been added to the list and are to be evaluated in 2019.
• CAS: 2425-85-6 –1-(4-methyl-2-nitrophenylazo)-2-naphthol – INCI: CI 12120 – Concern: suspected carcinogenic, suspected mutagenic, suspected reprotoxic, suspected PBT/vPvB, wide dispersive use, exposure of environment – Evaluating Member State: Germany
• CAS: …

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