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Horizontal legislation on chemical data: European Commission consultation

Législation horizontale sur les données chimiques : consultation de la Commission européenne

On 19 July 2022, the European Commission launched a Call for Evidence for its initiative “Chemical Safety - better access to chemicals data for safety assessments”. This initiative, which is expected to take the form of a regulation, is part of the implementation of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) and the resulting “1 substance, 1 assessment” principle.

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The European Union has today a comprehensive framework for regulating chemicals, involving over 40 legislative instruments. These instruments often require assessments of chemicals by a number of regulatory bodies or agencies and at different points in time.
A The “fitness check” of the most relevant chemicals legislation (excluding REACH) found that there are shortcomings including in:
• The discoverability, accessibility and availability of good-quality and reliable data
• The sharing and re-using of data on chemicals across legislative frameworks

As part of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) under the European Green Deal, the Commission wants to move towards a “1 substance - 1 assessment” approach and implement the following three key actions as part of this approach:
• Remove legislative obstacles to the re-use of data and better streamline the flow of data on chemicals between EU and national authorities
• Extend the principle of “open data” and the relevant transparency principles from the EU’s food safety sector to other pieces of legislation on chemicals
• Enable EU and national authorities to commission the testing and monitoring of chemical substances as part of the regulatory framework when further information is considered necessary

The objectives of the horizontal Regulation …

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