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During a recent conference, Karl Lintner correctly referred to the fact that the term “active cosmetic ingredient” should not be used to every word. In fact, are they active ingredients, or does this wording come only from what is generally called the “manufacturer’s sales points;” in other words, from the actors of the system more than from the users?

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I belong to those who think that everything is, or may be, active. Several works refer to a very interesting molecule, which has a very promising future …….. glycerin!!! We all know that the galenic plays an important role on the bio-availability of substances. However, a young start-up from Tours area, in France, that I have audited recently has trouble developing its business in this area. Further, in a recent release, the Claudiu Supuran team has shown how, by modifying an excipient, the efficiency of a product may be improved.

More generally, substances are not the only way to act on our skins.

Many works now describe devices that could have some action. With a smile, some months ago, I mentioned that one of the major effects comes from a harsh pair of slaps. In fact, a stress applied to the skin may have some kind of efficiency. With a pair of slaps, mechanical effects are undeniable, and one does not know anything really more efficient to stimulate the microcirculatory function. Obviously, I’m not recommending this, though the effect will last at least for the entire evening!

Do we have so many products that give the same results?

In the …

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