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Formulator: a profession in constant evolution

Formulateur : un métier en perpétuelle évolution

The profession of independent formulator has had to adapt very quickly with its time since the last thirty years. Today, he is no longer “satisfied” with writing his formula and carrying it out at the bench. He has to interact with different experts. Regulations, safety assessment and technical mastery are the three fundamental pillars of the formulation exercise.

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Regulation before formulation!

Before taking the spatula to the laboratory to carry out the established bench test, the formulator must carry out regulatory work, whether on the analysis of the raw materials he wishes to use or on the product itself according to its category, its use, its target and its marketing area. This work is fundamental because it conditions the marketing of the product!

Regulatory and toxicological data on raw materials must be up-to-date and accurate in order to meet the requirements. The formulator ensures a constant regulatory watch by working in close collaboration with the company’s regulatory department.

Collaboration with toxicology experts

There are technical, regulatory and toxicological aspects. Developing a product for face or face and body application, for adults or children, for hair or eyelashes… it is not the same thing! It may be the same galenic formulation, but it is not the same safety approach: application surface, exposure dose, penetration factor, risks of intolerance, etc… today’s formulator cannot free himself from the opinion of an expert toxicologist on the envisaged formula.

In the same way as the regulatory approach, the analysis and recommendations of the toxicology expert are fundamental for the development of the product, …

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