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The objectification of maskne and acne blemish claims

L'objectivation des allégations liées au maskné et aux imperfections dues à l'acné

Skin imperfections classically cover a wide range of visible alterations of the skin, caused by a variety of causes. And today, the wearing of the mask, which sometimes takes several hours a day, is becoming a new parameter to be taken into account in their evaluation. Classifying the claims related to skin imperfections in this context is therefore anything but simple! Anne Charpentier, Founder and CEO of Skinobs, explains.

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Skin imperfections cover a wide range of visible skin alterations with a variety of causes depending on age, skin type, ethnicity and associated disorders, lifestyle, stress, hormonal balance, heredity or exposome. The list is long and includes acne, blackheads or comedons, scars caused by these acne phenomena, pore size, hyperpigmentation, senescence stains, white spots, dartres, exema, rosacea, cellulite, stretch marks…
These imperfections depending on their severity can have a significant impact on the well-being of men and women, altering their image and interfering in the relationship with others.

The causes are related to each symptom and often multifactorial for each of them puts into perspective the internal balance and the ability of the skin to protect itself from an aggressive environment. The wearing of the mask, sometimes counting in many hours daily, becomes a new parameter to be taken into consideration in assessing the blemish free claim. The resulting change in the skin ecosystem is significant and can be akin to close pollution due to the promoted development of bacteria, friction of tissue, increased CO2 as well as temperature and sebaceous secretion.

These claims can use the term “anti” or terms related to …

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