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The Regulatory Officer: a real tightrope walker

Le Responsable Réglementaire : un vrai funambule

In a first article on the job of Regulatory Officer, Estelle Dehier, from Labosphere, described this key, high-risk job. In this second part, she discusses the recurring, and no less stressful, issues that are part of the daily life of any regulatory department.

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The job of Regulatory Officer is complex, but what else? The image of the tightrope walker on a high rope, trying to keep his balance while moving forward, with the spotlight on him, easily comes to mind…

The tightrope is the compliance(s) that the regulatory service must ensure. The balance is the fact of moving forward in the uncertainty of constantly changing laws and the fact that, even if compliance can be ensured at a time T (and only at a time T), nothing is won! Finally, the spotlight is on the R&D, marketing and financial departments, and the customers who look at this balancing act as if it held all the truths and could immediately provide all the answers.

Ingredients “on the spot

These are, for example, the CoRAP lists of chemical substances to be evaluated (58 substances for 2021-2023) under REACH, the REACH SCIP database which includes more than 200 substances of very high concern or extremely high concern (SVHC).

These are also the substances for which the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) is asking the cosmetics industry to provide additional data in order to rule on their safety of use.

There are also the …

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