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Thursday, November 25, 2021Experts

The "nightmare" products of the Regulatory Department

Les produits "cauchemar" du Service Réglementaire

As a developer, you are faced with a wide variety of development requests, some of which can be confusing. It is clear that some clients do not lack imagination! To conclude our trilogy on the complex and stressful job of regulatory affairs officer, here is a look at what can easily generate cold sweats in the Regulatory Department (and sometimes it’s even more than that!).

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It is essential to analyse the technical and regulatory complexity of the project by means of a proper specification. If, for the client, the specifications can be considered as a letter to Father Christmas, this is not the case for the developers. Let’s look at some of the critical points…

Product marketing areas

Mastering European regulations is one thing, mastering international regulations is another! By default, the “non-knowing” is delighted at the idea of marketing his product throughout the world, but he can easily forget that the desired product may not be considered a cosmetic in another country, or that such and such an active ingredient at x% may be prohibited, or regulated, for the desired application.

The customer often thinks that there are ready-made lists of authorised ingredients and that with a wave of a magic wand, the solution is found!
The reality is quite different, because compliance is not just an “ok” for an INCI, it also depends on the claims made on the label and communication media, and above all evolves over time!

-> The “World” product can thus create some scares (will my product be compliant for the Chinese market?) up to insomnia (will my SPF50 …

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