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Today's formulator under XXL pressure

Le formulateur d’aujourd’hui sous pression XXL

After tracing the evolution of the formulation profession, Estelle Dehier, from Labosphere, would now like to raise awareness on the pressures that weigh on the shoulders of today’s formulator. They are numerous, diverse… and very heavy! Let’s take a look at the main ones and their implications on the formulation work.

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Clock’s pressure

Marketing departments’ verdict: product development times are too long, the market does not wait! We have to go faster and faster to meet the different demands.
As a result, it sometimes seems risky for the formulator to take “risks”, because time is running out. Is he going to use a new raw material corresponding to the desired requirements but which is going to require more bench tests in order to be mapped correctly? Many think that it is better to capitalize on robust raw materials that have already been “proven” and for which there is feedback…

Environmental pressure

Today’s formulator is forced by his environment to review his way of establishing formulas. The time of long ingredient lists is over, the trend towards controlled, even minimalist, INCI lists is on the rise!
In order to reduce the carbon footprint (but also to save time and production costs), the manufacturing processes (raw materials and finished products) must be as energy efficient as possible.
To this must be added the sourcing of raw materials. Combine sustainable sourcing of raw materials, use “local” raw materials whose quality may vary from one harvest to another, think about the biodegradability of raw materials, …

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