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Annex I.A.2 - Physical/chemical characteristics and stability of the cosmetic product

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Second part of the Safety Report: the aim here is to provide the exhaustive data allowing specifications, both for the ingredients and the finished product, and to provide information on the stability of the product.

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The Annex I text quotes the data to provide:
• The physical and chemical characteristics of the substances or mixtures, as well as the cosmetic product
• The stability of the cosmetic product in reasonably foreseeable storage conditions

The raw materials specifications

The description of the physico-chemical characteristics must be made for each of the raw materials used in the product.
For everyone, all the relevant pieces of information shall be supplied:
• The chemical identity (INCI name, CAS number, EINECS number)
• The physical form
• The molecular mass
• For polymers, the median molecular weight and monomer content
• Solubility
• Purity (with eventually the nature and percentage of impurities)
• The partition coefficient
• For CMR, their nature and percentage
• For nanomaterials, the distribution curve of the particles after their size
• For UV filters, the absorption spectrum
• And any other relevant characterisation parameter
The references of the control methods shall be quoted for each specification.

An example of a specification sheet was presented by José Ginestar (Sisley) at the 10th Cosmetic Valley Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress.

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