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Tuesday, May 18, 2021Focus

E-commerce : Which obligations do professionals have ?

E-commerce : quelles sont les obligations des professionnels ?

Since the beginning of the health crisis, many people have turned to the Internet to continue consuming. A godsend for the cosmetics industry professionals. Like physical distribution, online sales are subject to very specific rules. CosmeticOBS took stock of the situation with Xavier Gueant, Director of Legal Affairs at the FEBEA.

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On the Internet, the beauty actors must comply with many provisions relating to distance selling, in particular provided for by the Hamon law, and include on their online sales site:
• The essential characteristics of the good or service
• The price of the good or service
• The terms of payment, delivery or performance
• The costs and the delivery period in which the professional undertakes to deliver the good (in the absence of precision, this period is fixed at 30 days after the act of purchase, at the end of which the consumer can cancel his order if it has not been delivered)
• The existence or absence of a right of withdrawal (fixed at 14 days for the sales on Internet)
• The duration and the validity of the offer
• The identity of the professional, his postal, telephone and electronic coordinates, as well as the nature of his activities
• The costs of the use of the technique of remote communication, the codes of good conduct, sureties and guarantees, the modalities of cancellation, the modes of settlement of the disputes.

Manufacturers must also respect the provisions of Article 19 (Labeling) of the Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 and …

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