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Annex I.A.I - Quantitative and qualitative composition of the cosmetic product

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First data to be provided in the Cosmetic Product Safety Report, as detailed in Annex I to the Cosmetics Regulation: the qualitative and quantitative formula includes precise information on ingredients… and requires some calculations.

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The text of the Annex I states that the following information is required: “the qualitative and quantitative composition of the cosmetic product, including chemical identity of the substances (incl. chemical name, INCI, CAS, EINECS/ELINCS, where possible) and their intended function. In the case of perfume and aromatic compositions, description of the name and code number of the composition and the identity of the supplier.”

In fact, the data that shall be supplied are:
• For the qualitative section: a full list of all the substances contained in the finished product, including all of those that are in raw materials, so that they could be precisely identified
• For the quantitative section: the quantity of each substance contained in the finished product, expressed in exact percentages (and not as ranges, except if unavoidable)

So as to ease the gathering and the management of the needed data, it is recommended to use computer-based systems that include all the data bases (especially those of ingredients, with their specific codes, their trade names, their INCI names, their CAS and EINECS numbers, their functions, their potential restrictions for use…).
These systems allow for the providing of data in tables: this makes it easier to enter …

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