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Not tested on animals: an illegal claim

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It can be seen almost everywhere, and almost systematically on natural and organic cosmetics, which make animal respect an axis for displaying their global ethics. However, we see it less and less, even in this cosmetics sector. And soon we may not see her at all! Because this mention, even if interesting from a marketing point of view, would simply be, in almost all cases… not in compliance with the requirements of the regulations! Explanations.

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The truth is that this mention is important. It is even sometimes a decision-maker for a non-negligible part of the consumers. However, even if it has an impact and helps sales, this mention is practically always a problem when it is displayed on the packaging of a cosmetic product.
However, it has been very widespread, and for several years now, without any concern? Yes, but sometimes the texts evolve, or are supplemented by others that modify their original interpretation.
A short explanation of the text to retrace the disinheritance of a once so trendy mention…

Directive 2003/15/CE

The Directive 2003/15/EC is well known, which states that “Member States shall prohibit the marketing of cosmetic products where the final formulation, ingredients or combinations of ingredients which have been the subject of animal testing using a method other than an alternative method…,” as well as “the performance on their territory of animal testing of finished cosmetic products, (…), of ingredients or combinations of ingredients.”

As a result, as a general rule, animal testing was prohibited, as per a phased schedule, for:
• Finished products: 11 September 2004
• Ingredients or their combinations (except for the tests concerning repeated-dose toxicity or reproductive toxicity): …

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