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Wednesday, January 5, 2022International

China: regulation of children's cosmetics

Chine : la réglementation des cosmétiques pour enfants

On October 8, 2021, China NMPA promulgated the finalized version of Supervision and Administration Provisions on Children Cosmetics, the first and strictest ever children cosmetics regulation. It includes 22 articles, clarifying children cosmetics’ scope, formula design principles, labeling requirements, registrant/notifier’s main, responsibilities, post-market supervision requirements, etc. and shall apply from 1 January 2022. Details with Hedy He, from ChemLinked.

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Children cosmetics refer to cosmetics for children aged 12 and under, and have the functions of cleansing, moisturizing, body refreshing, sunscreen, etc.
In addition to age restrictions, the following two products are also regulated as children cosmetics:
• Product labeling “applicable to the whole population,” “for the whole family,” etc.
• Product using trademarks, patterns, homophones, letters, Pinyin, numbers, symbols, packaging, etc. to imply that the target users include children

Formula design principles

The formula design of children cosmetics should follow the principle of safety first, essential efficacy, and minimal formula.
• Ingredients with a long history of safe use shall be selected. New ingredients in the monitoring period, ingredients prepared by new technologies such as genetic technology or nanotechnology shall not be used. If they must be used (no alternative ingredients), the reasons should be explained and the safety of their use in children cosmetics should be assessed.
• Functional ingredients for freckle-removing, whitening, anti-acne, depilating, deodorant, anti-dandruff, antihair loss, hair dyeing, and hair perming are not allowed for use. If the above ingredients are used for other purposes, the necessity and safety of their use in children cosmetics should be assessed.
• The scientificity and necessity of …

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