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Cosmetic regulations in Brazil

La réglementation cosmétique au Brésil

Brazil is a member of Mercosur (El Mercado Común del Sur) along with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. This entity issues resolutions, which each country can (or not) apply, transposing them as they stand into its national law or even modifying them. Brazil has transposed the majority of the resolutions, but the country nevertheless retains some national specificities.

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Cosmetic products are defined by Resolución 110/1994 as any personal hygiene product, cosmetic, perfume, preparation based on natural or synthetic substances or their mixtures, intended for external use on various parts of the body, skin, hair, nails, the lips and external genitalia or the teeth and mucous membranes of the oral cavity, for the sole or main purpose of cleaning them, perfuming them, changing their appearance or correcting body odours and/or protecting or maintaining them in good condition.

In all Mercosur countries, Resolución 007/2005 classifies cosmetic products into two categories:
Cosmetics with so-called essential or elementary properties which do not require verification and which do not require detailed information on their use and precautions for use (list in Annex II of Resolution 007/2005)
Cosmetics with so-called specific properties or which an assessment of safety and/or efficacy, instructions for use and/or warnings is required (list in Annex III of Resolution 007/2005)

Brazil has transposed the majority of Mercosur resolutions. Nevertheless, the country retains some national specificities, particularly with regard to cosmetics for children, as well as notification and registration procedures.
The Brazilian competent authority is the Agencia Nacional de Vigilencia Sanitaria (ANVISA) which is under the authority of the …

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