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Monday, May 22, 2023International

UK: no more animal testing for cosmetic ingredients

Royaume-Uni : plus de tests sur animaux pour les ingrédients cosmétiques

This should put an end to the controversy that has been raging for some time in the UK on the very critical issue of cosmetic ingredients tested on animals. And it took a ruling from the High Court of Justice in London for the government to officially announce on 17 May 2023 that no more licences would be granted.

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In early May, the High Court ruled on the judicial review of the Home Office’s animal testing policy in the UK, in a case brought by the animal welfare organisation Cruelty Free International (CFI).

First, alignment with the European Union

The request was prompted by a letter from 2021 in which the Ministry acknowledged that animal testing of cosmetic ingredients could take place in rare cases if deemed necessary to meet the requirements of the chemicals regulation. This approach is in line with that of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which may require animal testing under the REACH Regulation, even for ingredients used in cosmetics.
The debates before the Court revealed that this approach had continued to be followed by the UK government, even after the Brexit. And this was done in a more than discreet way, since the Ministry had taken nine months to respond to Cruelty Free International’s request on the subject.

Then the total ban

The Court of Justice did not question the government’s interpretation of the regulation, but concluded that this did not prevent the UK from having a policy banning animal testing of cosmetic products.
And animal rights groups have stepped up their pressure for …

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