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Tuesday, January 23, 2024Market

Beauty: a foretaste of trends in 2025

Beauté : avant-goût des tendances 2025

The year has barely begun, and already the forecasting firms are looking to the future. Trend agency Nelly Rodi has published its BeautyLab autumn-winter 25/26 trend book. Here’s a small sample of the trends that are likely to dominate the world of cosmetics and wellness.

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According to Nelly Rody, the themes for the Autumn-Winter 2025/26 season are “rebalance”.

Up Simplicity
“An outward-looking lifestyle imposes new prerequisites. Products must be lightweight, multi-purpose, refillable and biodegradable, to match a nomadic ideal. They must also provide maximum protection against the cold, wind and sun,” explains the agency.

Natural raw materials are all the rage. “Leaves, seeds, straw, branches, but also rice, beans or soya for balms: natural, modest, local ingredients are treated with majesty, respecting wellness traditions from all over the world. The work of the hand is summoned to crush, braid, blend and shape.”

New Edge
Barbie pink is over. It’s time to turn to a darker, deeper aesthetic.

“What would the cosmetics of the future look like, conceived in the laboratory of an unknown galaxy? A mix of smart technology and soft design, a balance between artificial beauty and pastel softness bring a sensitive dimension to highly innovative products.”

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