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Ectoin® natural by bitop: at the heart of current trends

Ectoin® natural de bitop : au cœur des tendances du moment

The demand for 100% natural, highly effective, safe and multi-functional active ingredients is growing rapidly. But there are only a very limited number of unique molecules that have been clinically proven to deliver multiple benefits such as anti-ageing, skin barrier repair, soothing, brightening, long-lasting hydration and overall protection (anti-pollution, blue light, etc.). During an in-cosmetics connect webinar on 25 January 2021, Anne Schrötter, Marketing Director of the German ingredient supplier bitop, recalled the major expectations of consumers before presenting her company’s solution to meet them: Ectoin® natural.

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It has been a year since the Covid-19 coronavirus caused a world pandemic, which also implies new challenges for the cosmetics industry.

The new cosmetic environment

New lifestyles

The context of the pandemic has instituted new habits in daily life.
• Wearing a mask, an indispensable means of protection against the spread of the disease, is also having noticeable side effects on the skin by concentrating heat and moisture, which results in irritation, inflammation and acne eruptions, particularly around the nose and mouth.
• Periods of lockdown, which require spending more time indoors in drier air, also accelerate the dryness of the skin.
• Home ofiice, with its online meetings and appointments, and purely virtual interactions, increases the time spent in front of screens and their blue light.

New trends

The pandemic has also changed “consumer trends”, particularly in four areas:
• An increased demand for information, to base their decisions in choosing their products on scientific data ;
• An attraction to minimalism, which has led, for example, 28% of British women consumers to reduce the number of their facial care products and to redirect their choices towards more active products based on the “less but better” principle;
• …

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