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Wednesday, April 26, 2017News

In-Cosmetics 2017: a catalogue of new actives (1/5)

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The 2017 London edition of the in-cosmetics show was an opportunity for cosmetic ingredient suppliers to showcase their new actives launched over the past six months: many technical innovations for an anti-pollution or anti-aging effect, for preservation, or for various skin and hair care aspects, but marked by the desire to preserve the environment and biodiversity… CosmeticOBS listed them to offer you a full list in alphabetical order of the companies that developed them. Here is a first series with laboratories from A to B.

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Presentation of the new ingredients proposed by the suppliers at the in-cosmetics 2017 in London.

Adeka Europe GmbH– Adeka NOL CHG-NHG

• Product type: Skincare – Toiletries
• Category: Antibacterial – Moisturizers – Polymers – Preservatives – Wet wipes ingredients

With this unique and new ingredient, Adeka vous aide à résoudre vos problems de formulation. This new booster is soluble in water (to replace the parabens) and protects against the growth of microorganisms in personal care products, including bacteria and fungi.
• The CHG-NHG has been designed for the preservation of a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries applications. A repeated challenge test has been performed to illustrate the use of Adeka NOL CHG-NHG to improve irritation of the skin. The ingredient can be used as preservative-free, and is effective in low concentrations.
The next generation, easy-to-formulate, preservative-free system offers maximum preservation, product stability, and flexibility in formulation. In addition, it has a broad tolerance of pH 3-13, making it easy to use in applications.
> More information on the supplier website

AH&NS – Soyamine

• Product type: Haircare – Skincare
• Category: Anti-ageing/Anti-wrinkles – Anti-inflammatory/Anti-irritants/Soothing agents – Hair growth – Lightening/Whitening agents – Natural actives

Soyamine is developed as …

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