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Wednesday, May 10, 2017News

In-Cosmetics 2017: a catalogue of new actives (3/5)

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The 2017 London edition of the in-cosmetics show was an opportunity for cosmetic ingredient suppliers to showcase their new actives launched over the past six months: many technical innovations for an anti-pollution or anti-aging effect, for preservation, or for various skin and hair care aspects, but marked by the desire to preserve the environment and biodiversity… CosmeticOBS listed them to offer you a full list in alphabetical order of the companies that developed them. Here is a third series with laboratories from G to K.

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Presentation of the new ingredients proposed by the suppliers at the in-cosmetics 2017 in London.

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. – Galguard NT

• Product type: Haircare – Skincare
• Category: Acids/AHAs/BHAs – Anti-acne – Antibacterial – Anti-dandruff – Preservatives

It is free from parabens, formaldehyde releasers, halogenated chemicals (IPBC, Triclosan, Chlorphenesin, Bronopol), Isothiazolinones and phenoli/alcoholic/glycoli molecules.
This highly efficacious (Broad spectrum) preservation composition is based on globally accepted antimicrobials, in addition to being easy to use and eco-friendly.
• Broad spectrum
• Easy to use
• Effective pH range 3-6
> More information on the supplier website

Gattefossé – Gatuline Expression AF

• Product type: Decoratives – Skincare
• Category: Anti-ageing/Anti-wrinkle – Natural actives

The lip contour is fragile, susceptible to environmental ageing and UV, and is continually subjected to facial movements. Yet, this zone, key for the expression of emotions and femininity, is rather neglected by today's consumers.
Gatuline Expression AF is the first active capable of redesigning completely the mouth contour, recurving the Cupid's bow, restoring the contour definition and lifting vertical wrinkles. The proven mechanism behind the clinical efficacy is the immediate inhibition of nerve-muscle contractions responsible for expression lines. Quick acting, the active restores a youthful and …

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