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In-Cosmetics 2017: a catalogue of new actives (4/5)

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The 2017 London edition of the in-cosmetics show was an opportunity for cosmetic ingredient suppliers to showcase their new actives launched over the past six months: many technical innovations for an anti-pollution or anti-aging effect, for preservation, or for various skin and hair care aspects, but marked by the desire to preserve the environment and biodiversity… CosmeticOBS listed them to offer you a full list in alphabetical order of the companies that developed them. Here is a fourth series with laboratories from L to O.

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Presentation of the new ingredients proposed by the suppliers at the in-cosmetics 2017 in London.

Labio – Dnepair

• Product type: Skincare – Suncare
• Category: Anti-ageing/Anti-wrinkle – Antioxidants/Radical scavengers – Multi-functional

Dnepair is an innovative active ingredient extracted from Deinococcus sp. – one of the extremophilic microorganisms – has an extraordinary ability to survive various external stresses, such as extreme radiation, desiccated environment, and high temperature, through novel biogenic metabolites and DNA repair mechanism.
After years of practice in the biotechnology and fermentation field, the Labio was able to harness the essential substances that are involved in the DNA repair system. Thus, those unique properties have led us to develop a multi-functional cosmetic ingredient, designed to restore stress-induced, damaged skin cells to their original state. By applying Dnepair on our skins, you should be able to sustain and recover the longevity of your cells.
• All natural substances that enhance the cell viabilities
• Colourless carotenoids for DNA repairing mechanism
• Proven effectiveness through in-vitro cell experiments
> More information on the supplier website

Laboratoires Expanscience – Ormesia

• Product type: Haircare – Skincare
• Category: Anti-inflammatory/Anti-irritants/Soothing agents – Antioxidants/Radical scavengers – Anti-pollution – Botanicals/Essential oils/Plant extracts – Natural …

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