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Wednesday, July 13, 2022Trends

New cosmetic trends

Les nouvelles tendances cosmétiques

Health, climate or economic crisis, some events have recently disrupted the daily life of many citizens around the world. On the occasion of the Pharmatech Cosmetech trade show, organized in Chartres from May 30 to June 1, 2022, Sophie de Reynal, Marketing Director of NutriMarketing (a consulting and marketing agency), explained the impact of these social phenomena on the beauty sector.

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Before explaining the new trends to come, Sophie de Reynal started with the general lessons.

By 2024, the global cosmetics market is expected to be worth $863 billion. Asians are the biggest consumers of skincare products (41%). They are followed by Americans (24%) and Western Europeans (18%). “Note that France is the leading exporting country and dominates the market with a turnover of nearly 15 billion euros,” emphasizes Sophie de Reynal.

An ageing population
With a declining birth rate and increasing life expectancy, there are more people over the age of 65 than children under the age of five (worldwide). And these individuals want to age well and not be called elderly.

The impact of Covid-19
Because of the health crisis, many consumers have abandoned their overly complex skincare routines in favor of simplified gestures. “We’re moving from outer beauty to inner well-being.”

General trends

More and more people expect non-gendered ranges. They also want products adapted to all hair and skin types. “68% of consumers would like beauty product ads to reflect normal life situations and 63% are attracted to brands that show diversity in their campaigns.”
In the same vein, the notion of accessible beauty …

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