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Tailor-made cosmetics: an undeniable trend

Cosmétiques sur mesure : une tendance qui s’impose

Today, personalization is one of the major challenges in the cosmetics industry. Consumers want products that touch them and that are 100% suitable for them. At the same time, who wouldn’t dream of having a cream that perfectly meets their skin problems? Determined to invest in this trend, the beauty industry is competing in ingenuity to offer cosmetics formulated to measure to its customers.

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“Customization must allow consumers to express their uniqueness in an industry that often reduces them to a demographic group, while offering undeniable benefits,” says trend firm Mintel.
According to Mintel, this need for “tailor-made” cosmetics applies to all users of beauty products, regardless of their origin, age or gender.
Overall, everyone wants to have in their possession a treatment designed especially for them. “Mature consumers and men are the most interesting prospects because their desires remain largely unexplored by personalization services.”

What’s new on the custom planet?

The Personalized Beauty Summit, held in London on 30 and 31 October 2019, brought together the most innovative and advanced brands in terms of personalisation.

Among the “pioneering” companies of the movement, it is impossible not to mention IOMA (à moi, à moi, à l’envers, NDLR), created in 2010 by Jean-Michel Karam, a scientist by training.
Thanks to measuring devices developed by the founder himself, this brand offers an accurate and complete skin diagnosis to its consumers.
Depending on the results, the formula is adapted and the care is given at the end of the consultation in the shop. To see the results, the data is stored, allowing users who wish to do …

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