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Unsold goods processing: advice from the French FEBEA

Gestion des invendus : les conseils de la FEBEA

Since January 1, 2022, article 45 of the AGEC law obliges producers, importers and distributors to reuse, re-use or recycle unsold non-food products. To help professionals of the cosmetics sector to better understand this new obligation, the FEBEA has designed a data sheet.

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According to the decree n° 2020-1724 of December 28, 2020, unsold goods are “products that could not be sold in traditional sales channels, sales or private sales.” It is therefore not waste.
“A product that would be illegal and unfit for sale is not an unsold good,” said the FEBEA. “A return of stock from a distributor is not necessarily unsold when it is likely to be offered for sale to another distributor, for example to a ‘discount distributor’, whether in France or abroad.”

This same decree sets the list of hygiene products whose unsold goods must be reused (preferably through donation) since January 1, 2022.
We find:
• Skin, hair and scalp care and cleaning products
• Hair dyes
• Hair styling products
• Care and make-up removal products for the eye area
• Make-up removal products
• Depilatory products, shaving products, hair bleaching products
• Products intended to correct body odor (deodorants or antiperspirants)
• Products intended to be applied to the lips
• Suncare products
• Dental and oral hygiene products
• External intimate hygiene products
• Soaps

From December 31, 2023, this list will be extended to:
• Make-up (including lipsticks)
• Perfumes (including toilet water …

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